Call for Application (2018): Sheila Suen Lai Research Grant



The purpose of Sheila Suen Lai Research Grant (hereinafter ‘Lai’s Grant’) is to encourage CALA members to engage in research activities that contribute towards library and information science, and related to Chinese American Librarianship particularly.

An award in the amount of $1,000 will be granted to the winner(s).  Priority of Lai’s Grant is given to the original and innovative research projects, workshops or programs.  Consideration may also be given to the applicant(s) that has (have) a significant role in other research related activities. 


1.       The award recipient shall submit a final report to CALA’s Executive Director EC detailing the outcome and performance of the specific project within one month of the project completion.
2.       The award recipient shall participate in at least 80% of the CALA events and activities especially during the ALA Midwinter and Annual meetings.
3.       The award recipient shall be a CALA member for at least 5 consecutive years from the date of the award.
4.       The award recipient shall volunteer for CALA committees and taskforces.
5.       The award recipient shall receive an electronic certificate upon request.
6.       Monetary award shall be awarded after the awardee has fulfilled the required obligations.
7.       The award recipient shall contribute their time and talents to CALA.


Eligible applicants for Lai’s Grant must:

1.       Be a current CALA member in good standing.
2.       Be currently employed in a professional level position.
3.       Have been a CALA member for at least one year prior to submitting an application.
4.       Maintain CALA membership status throughout the duration of the use of the award.
5.       Have not received any other CALA grant or award in the same year as the Lai’s Grant.


A complete application must consist of the following:

1.       A cover letter
2.       A statement of intended research activities and plans (no more than three pages in length)
3.       A curriculum vitae
4.       Two (2) letters of reference attesting to the applicant’s research credentials



To apply, send the complete application to the Chair of the Sheila Lai Research Grant Award Committee by March 19, 2018. The award recipient will be announced via an official CALA press release.


Sheila Suen Lai Research Grant Award Committee:
Hong Wu, (Chair)
Jianye He,
Qinghua Xu,