Article II. Membership and Program Meetings

Section 1. Annual Membership Meeting

There shall be an annual membership meeting to be held either in conjunction with the American Library Association Annual Conference, or in any place and on any date as decided by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the voting Board members. Each annual membership meeting shall consist of a program meeting.

Section 2. Special Membership Meetings

Special membership meetings may be called by the president, the Board, or by a petition signed by five percent or more of the voting members.

Section 3. Notice of Annual Meeting

The executive director shall be responsible for informing the members of the time, place, program, and agenda of each annual membership and program meeting via the Association’s listserv or any other means at least fifteen days prior to such a meeting.

Section 4. Quorum

At any annual or special membership meeting, the presence of ten percent of the members with voting rights shall constitute a quorum. The quorum requirement also applies to any membership vote.

Section 5. Voting Between Annual Membership Meetings

In the event that a membership vote is required to address major issues concerning the Association arising between annual membership meetings, such a vote may be conducted in such a manner as the Board shall determine.