Dr. Tze-chung Li's Student Membership Scholarship

In July 2013, Dr. Tze-chung Li, Professor and Dean Emeritus of Dominican University
Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences and one of the founding members
of CALA, generously donated $1,000.00 to CALA for recruiting student members. The
fund left in the current year will be carried over to the next year till all fund is utilized.
This one time donation is used to cover the first year dues for new student
1. Applicants must be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program in Library and Information Science from an ALA accredited institution in North America; AND
2. Applicants must be of Chinese nationality or of Chinese descent; AND
3. Applicants must be new to CALA and not previously a member of CALA.
Application Requirements:
1. Each applicant must complete a CALA membership application in full or be
Membership Committee Responsibilities:
1. Review each application and forward each qualified name and application to the Treasurer for payment.
2. Notify and welcome successful applicants by Committee Co-Chairs.
3. Report the number of students recruited under this fund in the Interim and Annual Reports submitted to the CALA Board (via the President and the
 Executive Director), cc’ing Dr.Tze-chung Li.
4. Make a press release on the CALA Listserv and Newsletter when the fund is used up.
5. Carry over to the next year the fund left in the current year.
6. Review the work and revise the guidelines.