Important Announcement to CALA Members

Dear CALA Members,

As the CALA Webmaster, I have an announcement to make primarily concerning CALA membership management software. This is a long message. But it carries important information. You're recommended to read the New Membership Management SoftwareCALA member Mailing List Subscription and Ways to Unsubscribe Yourself from the Mailing List parts.


New Membership Management Software (

The new membership management software is scheduled to be up on 21st December, 2018 (this Friday). The new system is expected to provide much more user-friendly experiences. There're no pre-set passwords. You can use the request a new password feature to login or if you happen to forget one in the future after you've chosen one. When you receive messages coming from this new system, such as renewal reminders, please respond accordingly.  Any questions or problems can be directed to


CALA Member Mailing List Subscription (

The mailing list subscription will be based on a choice a member with good standing status can make in the new system. All CALA members default to be subscribed to the mailing list. But see the following for details on how to unsubscribe yourself if you choose so. You can choose one or more ways as you desire. But it's recommended to always take action #1 because that will exclude you from being in the future import lists until you choose it back.


Ways to Unsubscribe Yourself from the Mailing List

1.    Click your name at the upper-right corner of the landing page after login, click Edit profile at the upper-left corner, and change the value of Subscribe to CALA member mailing list to No. This way, an individual will be unsubscribed from the list at the PM time when the mailing list system membership gets updated.

2.    Login to the listserv system to unsubscribe yourself. This will take effect immediately. See details on the monthly mailing list membership reminder including your password to login.

3.    Filter message from on your client email program. Please consult technology services at your institutions for recommended practices.


More details about how to use the new system will follow when they are ready. Adjustments will also be made as needed and necessary.

Please contact Membership Committee at if any parts of your information in the new system appears incorrect. Please contact the Web Committee at if you have any technical difficulties in using the new system.

Last but not least, I would like to extend my thank you to Weiling and Jingjing for working with me along the approximately one-year long course of exploration and implementation of the membership management solution. Without their contribution, the project would not be culminated.


Best Regards,

Minhao Jiang

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