Southern California Chapter

The Southern California chapter members held its annual
election in February. Ms. Joy Yi Wang was elected to be the Vice-president and

with library colleagues from China.
In March, SCA board
members met with two library directors from China --H. Liu, Director, and G.
Fang, deputy Director, of the Guangzhou City Public Library. Mr. Liu and Mr.
Fang are sent by Guangdong Province to the United States for six months as
exchange librarians. In April, our Chinese colleagues visited California State
University Los Angeles where Ying Xu
gave them a tour of the campus and the Library. Also in April, they took a one-day
visit to the Hacienda Heights Public Library arranged by Wenwen Zhang, where
they observed the service and operations at the library.

library directors from China
as part of the Think Globally Act
SCA formed a three-member committee to
host two library directors from China
in July as part of the "Think Globally Act Globally" project. Committee members
Sally Tseng, Maggie Wang (Chair), and Ying Xu
wrote a hosting proposal that has been accepted. They are preparing for the
five-day visit by Shuiqiao Wang, Deputy Curator of Yunnan Provincial Library and
Jizhen Song, Deputy Director of Chongqing Library. Detailed arrangements and
itinerary have been made for our Chinese guests to visit four libraries: the
Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library, the County of Los Angeles
Public Library Headquarters, the Los Angeles
Public Library-Central Branch, and the Cerritos City Library. The committee
members will take the Chinese guests to these libraries and provide language
interpretation. If time permits, we will hold a seminar so that our guests will
have the opportunity to meet more CALA members from public, academic and
special libraries in Southern California.

programs for the 2009 CLA Annual Conference in November.
SCA will sponsor a workshop entitled From Prevention of Earthquake Damage to
Preservation of Collections
during the 111th California Library Association
(CLA) Annual Conference in October in Pasadena,
California. The presenters are: Suzan
Curson, University Librarian of California State University Northridge,
Jean-Pierre Barder, Chair Professor of the Department of Civil and
Environmental Engineering, University of Southern California (USC), Yonggang
Li, Professor of Earth Sciences of University of Southern California, and Sally
Tseng, CALA SCA chapter member and CALA Honorary Executive Director. Joy-yi
Wang, the newly-elected chapter VP will facilitate the workshop.

SCA chapter will also sponsor
the traditional Chinese Banquet during the Conference on the evening of
November 1st, at Fu Shing Chinese Restaurant, 2960 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena.
Authentic Chinese cuisine, delightful door prizes, and music performance will
be provided at the banquet. While the chapter has sent out call earlier in the
year for participation and for volunteers to help out with the events, a
committee is working hard to coordinate this.