Mentorship Committee


Hong Miao, (Co-chair) (2011-2013)
Ying Zhong, (Co-chair) (2011-2013)
Yingting Zhang, (2011-2013)
Meiqing Macy Zheng, (2011-2013)
Jia Xu, (2011-2012)
Huibin Heather Cai, (2011-2012)
Lisa Zhao, (2010-2012)

From December 2011 to June 2012, CALA annual meeting at ALA, Mentorship Committee accomplished the following activities (for committee’s previous work, please refer to the mid-year report):


  • The committee reviewed the applications from mentors and mentees. We were impressed by the number of librarians willing to serve as mentors.  


  • The committee matched the mentors and mentees based on their educational backgrounds, working experiences, research interests, job expectations, current job titles and positions, and geographic locations.


  • Each of the three mentees was assigned a mentor. We communicated with all the mentors and mentees and made sure they agreed with our selections. We informed the applicants of our final decisions.


  • We also asked the mentees to provide a report by the end of the year.



Suggestions to the next Mentorship Committee:


  • Since we have only received three applications from mentees, but a lot more applications, 15, who are interested in serving as mentors, further suggestions would be to devote more efforts to promote this excellent program to the CALA members and the LIS school students.


  • Engage the committee members in the process of program promotion and mentor/mentee selection.


  • When selecting committee members, we probably should include at least one LIS school faculty to improve our communications with the LIS students.


  • Continue to work closely with CALA’s sub-committees, officials, and CALA Web master to promote this program.