Officers (2012-2013)

President (2012-2013)

Esther Lee

Vice President/President Elect (2012-2013)

Lisa Zhao

Executive Director (2010-2013)

Haipeng Li

Treasurer (2012-2014)

Maria Fung

Immediate Past President (2012-2013)

Min Chou

Incoming Vice President/President Elect (2012-2013)

Carol Gee

CALA Board of Directors (2012-2013)

consisting of Executive Committee and 15 elected at-large directors

Executive Committee

  • Esther Lee  (President)

  • Lisa Zhao  (Vice-President/President-Elect)

  • Haipeng Li (Executive Director)

  • Maria Fung  (Treasurer)

  • Min Chou (Immediate Past President)

  • Carol Gee  (Incoming Vice-President/President-Elect)

At-Large Board of Directors




Chapter Information (2012-2013)


California Chapter (North)

California Chapter (South)

Greater Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Midwest Chapter

Northeast Chapter

Southeast Chapter

Southwest Chapter