CALA Statement

The Executive Committee of the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) stands in solidarity with the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) in recognizing and condemning anti-Asian hate crimes. 

While racism and stereotyping against Asian is nothing new throughout US history, we have seen a sharp rise of hate crimes and violence against our community during the pandemic.  Many elderly members of our community have recently been attacked in hate crimes across the nation.

This is not acceptable and this is “Un-American”!  CALA stands firm with APALA in fighting our battle against discrimination, bigotry, xenophobia, Sinophobia and white supremacy.  Our strength lies in our solidarity. CALA joins force with APALA, ALA, BCALA, REFORMA to call on all library workers and informational professionals to rise up in our fight against systemic racism and xenophobia in our country! 

Together we will win the battle! Together we will defeat discrimination! Together we will create a bright future for ALL the people!


Hong Yao, President

Wenli Gao, President Elect

Ray Pun, Vice President Elect

Fu Zhuo, Past President

Lian Ran, Executive Director

Suzhen Chen, Treasurer